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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2024

Almost everyone cares about their reputation.    The employee is keen to perform well in front of his employer. He does everything possible to ensure that not even a hint of any inaccuracy is found in his work. A student who cares about good results does everything in his power to gain as much knowledge as possible and to prevent his behaviour from standing out. When a boy meets a girl, he also makes sure that he looks good in front of his future in-laws. And there is nothing strange about that.    I think we all want to be spoken well of, to be perceived well. Sometimes we even ask what others think of us.   We encounter a similar situation in today’s Gospel. Here were those closest to Jesus coming and pressurising him to discontinue his teaching.    They think Jesus has lost his mind. They want to look good in front of others, they want to please others, they care about their own reputation, which is why they choose to do so. They want to stop him from continuing his started activities and bring him back home to Nazareth so that he can take up a normal life and not bring them shame and trouble.


However, Jesus is aware of his mission. He doesn’t let them pull him away from it. He is aware that it is not the opinion of others that shapes his thinking, his actions, his life. He knows that he is not to be guided by what people think, but by what is His Father’s will. And it is the Father’s will that everyone be saved. He therefore walks steadfastly towards   the goal of his life, showing how to earn the gift of salvation. Today, many people who want to be close to Christ and practise their faith also happen to face obstacles from those close to them. They convince them that Jesus is a human invention, that the Gospel is out of step with our times, that religious practice is a waste of time, that the Church restricts freedom, impedes progress and exploits people.

So how do I care for my relationship with Christ? What do I care more about:  the word of man or the word of God? How do I show that Christ is changing my life?                          The example of Jesus helps us to know how to behave in difficult life situations.


On the one hand, he shows us not to succumb to    the pressures of those closest to us and not to depart from Christ and the Church, but to maintain this relationship and build our own lives on this foundation. A person cannot be made the ultimate foundation and determinant of our personal, family or social life. Otherwise, sooner or later it will end in disaster. Life cannot be built on man, but must be built on Christ, who lives and acts still in the Church. He is the only foundation on which to build our life. Human opinions detached from God lead   to falsehood and evil. One must cling to Christ and with one’s own life demonstrate the wisdom and beauty of the Gospel. Perhaps this will be an argument for those close to us to acknowledge Jesus.