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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2024

This Sunday we hear the Gospel about the calming of the storm. The Church invites us to live this unique experience of the closeness of Jesus together with the apostles. He was close to them and is close to us. It is worth reliving this moment with the apostles and, like them, asking: Who is Jesus? Who is in my life?  After a long day of walking and listening to their Master, the disciples cross to the other side at Jesus’ request. Everyone is probably very tired, but only Jesus falls asleep. A huge storm breaks. The terrified apostles, seeing the sinking boat, wake Jesus. Christ commands the sea to be quiet and a profound silence comes, as the Gospel tells us.                                                                                                     Two questions are worth noting in this passage.  ” Master, do you not care? We are going down!” – a cry, desperate for help. It is easy to see that this is a cry of regret, perhaps even blame. They are in mortal danger and the teacher is asleep. And second: “Why are you so frightened.”

How we lack faith! Jesus’ question seems unfounded. However, the statement that falls immediately afterwards dispels doubts. Jesus rebukes the apostles’ faith. Faith in Jesus and          in who He is.    There is no simple answer to human suffering, difficult experiences and crises. They symbolise the storms referred to in today’s liturgy of the word. God does not eliminate them from our lives. It is faith that gives us hope, that tells us that God does not leave us, but is with us during these experiences, even though sometimes we do not see his intervention. God himself gives us an example. Ultimately, the storm in Jesus’ life ended with the disaster of the cross. He didn’t just stop there. After it, however, the morning of resurrection dawned. A morning of peace and great joy. The lesson from this Gospel for the early Christians was very clear. When you experience  a storm, ask for Jesus’ help.            The storm will cease, or you will become stronger to weather this storm.

The experience of human life ultimately leads through winds and storms. Sometimes we expect them and prepare for them, other times they take us completely by surprise. Sometimes we need them and sometimes we can’t find their meaning. They can blind us and easily send us into a panic. It is then easy to miss out on hope. It is even easy to believe that God has left the world, and it has slipped out of his control. Meanwhile, Jesus is with us. We need not be afraid. It is enough to live in Christ as St Paul says. He is the Lord of my life and walks with me through different experiences. After the storm comes the peace and joy of a new morning.  Safe harbour with Jesus.                                                               God is with you. Do not be afraid. Believe in Christ and his power.