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14th Sunday 2023

So often we are tired: the pace of life, the pace of work. This pace has written the rule of the modern world into the lives of us all.   Do anything to avoid falling out of the mainstream, because someone else will take your place, because someone else will prove to be better, more attractive…. After all, you have to live, but to live and live well and on a level, you have to earn, and with the money you earn you can buy what you need, just remember buy well, bargain- as soon as possible, get more, before the others.                                                                                     It is only sometimes that we start to lack not only time or strength, but even meaning and purpose in life!   We are beginning to resemble a person who tries to chop down a tree with a blunt axe, complains tiredly , but regrets time  “wasting” for a moment to sharpen that blunt axe.   So we are tired not only because of what we have already done, but also because of the tasks we have not  done yet, which are still ahead of us .

Sometimes the primary pursuit in our lives becomes the satisfaction of our desires: we demand that others sacrifice their time because we need something we can do without; we avoid difficult situations where we might  offend  someone; we envy others because they have already bought what we can only dream of for now.                                                                                                  So we are constantly dissatisfied and full of anxiety, full of resentment, and life appears to us as a constant struggle, a constant conquest, a constant pursuit of some unidentified happiness.               Meanwhile, Jesus opens up a different perspective, where it is not just the first place that counts, but gentleness and humility of heart!   He doesn’t just talk about it, he sets an example with his life: His humbling and assumption of human nature,  rejection of the message of  love and forgiveness, until his final rejection through passion and death on the cross.                    However, we know that it is not death that has triumphed, but Life!

It is the prospect of living fully in and with Jesus that makes our lives cease to be just a futile pursuit of a mirage of happiness, but take on the meaning and purpose, providing solace and peace in the heart. St Augustine said:  “If God comes first in life, everything else is in its proper place “.