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4th Sunday Advent 2022

We will soon be experiencing the celebration of Christmas. Before that happens, however, let us try to consider the truth of our faith that God stood among men. First, a promise was given. We hear of it clearly in the prophetic announcement of Isaiah: ” The Lord himself, therefore, will give you a sign. The maiden is with child and will soon give birth to a son>”                           In the Gospel we already witness its fulfilment. Because everything that God says comes true.     His every word is a word of truth and a reality that is happening. We can also see the fulfilment of this most awaited promise by man, of which Mary is the sign. Into this life of ours, plunged into darkness, God entered to do something    absolutely new.      The Creator always accompanies his creation, but with the incarnation of the Son of God, what before seemed distant to man became immeasurably close and touchable.

That is why we hear the name today: Emmanuel which means ” God -is-with-us”.                  The presence of the Son of God with us is not only a historical reality that happened more than two thousand years ago, but it continues in the Church today because Jesus assured us that he would be with us – ” always until the end of this world.”                                                             He promised it and fulfilled it! And the source and summit of His being among us is the Eucharist. The priest celebrating the sacrifice of the Mass reminds us of this several times. He begins it, after all, with the words: “The Lord be with you”.    He then repeats them, proclaiming the Gospel and the preface, and says the same words for the last time before the blessing.  StPaul understood this, for he exclaimed joyfully: ” if God  is with us, who shall be against us”.

If this is the truth of our lives, that God has become Emmanuel, God -is-with-us”, then who can act against us? Who can become an opponent capable of defeating you or me? There is only one such opponent – myself!

Only I am capable of turning away from God, telling Him in word and life: “I don’t care anything about your presence!” But then begins the greatest drama the human heart can have, making life fall apart.   Jesus will come again in a moment and say : “Come to Me, for I want to come to you. To take My Body , because I want to strengthen you and walk with you today. I would like to walk with you also tomorrow, next week and all the years of your life. I know it is hard, but I alone have the power to help you live them, which is why I want to be with you. But you be with Me too!.                                                                                  

In this is contained the joyful mystery of Christmas. God is with us and teaches us to move on to the resurrection that is  His participation.    Therefore, let us never underestimate His presence! Let us always desire union with Him.





Let us stretch out our hands towards Him, let us open our hearts so that, through the angelic annunciation, getting to know the incarnation of the Son of God, through His Passion and Cross, we come to the Resurrection.