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5th Sunday of Easter 2023

A slogan promoted by one Catholic portal has recently become popular: Don’t tell God you have a big problem. Tell your problem you have a great God! – believe more in God’s providence, in God’s guidance and protection, instead of fearing problems  and challenges.                                   God is watching over everything – and He knows what He is doing!  Although it seems so difficult – trust Him. Rely on His help. Cast your cares on to the Lord. At the same time, work as if everything depended on you, while praying as if everything depended on God. In other words, do your part in life, try to do what you can, entrust the rest to Jesus. Tell Him your difficulties, your fears, your anxieties, but at the same time trust it all to Him and try not to doubt His help, but trust.  Particularly in the difficult moments of our lives, there is great hope and encouragement for us from the words of Jesus.  Jesus turns our gaze to eternity and the meeting there with God the Father, saying:

” There are many rooms in my Father’s house;   if there were not , I should have told you, I am now going to prepare a place for you….”     At Easter, Jesus reminds us that the purpose of our lives is eternity with God. He himself wants to share with us a participation in his victory over sin and death. He invites us to share with him in the glory of heaven and already here on earth shows us the way to reach that goal. Jesus points us to himself as the way, and the truth and the life. He himself is the way that leads us to God the Father, to heaven. He is the truth about our lives and ourselves.  Only in Him can we discover this truth. It is Jesus himself who is our life – the fullness of life, both here on earth and   in eternity.                                                                Jesus promises us that by believing in him we will do great works. So let us go into our daily lives with courage.     Let us trust in Jesus so that the fears and difficulties of life do not over take us, but that it is Jesus – the way, and the truth, and our lives that lead us to victory, because for life and victory God created us.