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Palm Sunday 2024

Here we are once again listening to the description of the Passion of the Lord.  A somewhat controversial question arises: so, what? In principle you can accept the story at the face value, the description of it. However, it is also possible to go deeper. It is possible to realise that this description is not just words.It is the truth. It is an event without which my life would have no meaning. It is an event that opens a different perspective for me. Jesus gives his life for me. For my life. For my sins. For my happiness. For my eternity. Voluntarily!    He could have come down from the cross, but he did not.   I can look at the Lord’s Passion purely as   a description. But I can see God’s love for me in it.     Is there any way to discover this love?  It is worth rushing a little bit less. It is worth stopping for a moment to think…. Haste always gets in the way of getting to love, to truth, to goodness. Jesus’ enemies are also in a hurry because the Sabbath is approaching.

They want to remove Jesus they see as   a ‘problem’ quickly. Haste is often the reason  for our little convictions, our sentences – because failing to help is, in a sense, condemning a person, passing judgment on them.  Pilate heard the voice of his conscience when he uttered the words: “I have found no case against him”                                                             It was, however, too weak a voice not to succumb to the pressure of the crowd. Daily returns to God shape the conscience, set it right, make it sensitive to human misery; daily returns slow down our life, making us aware of its purpose.