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“The Jews demand miracles and the Greeks look for wisdom…, and we? What are we looking for and what do we expect from Christ?    Some of us do not want His commandments because they enslave us, because they do not allow us to use life joyfully. We don’t want His teachings and morals because they are inconvenient and unfashionable and outdated.   We don’t want His Gospel because it scares us and threatens us with hell. We do not want His Body and Blood because we do not understand what He gives us in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We don’t even want His Love because it is an anachronistic value which we can’t use. Ultimately, we would agree to miracles, especially miraculous multiplication of the resources of our bank accounts and spectacular interventions in the event of illness.

But everything else He offers us, we reject, and most of all we shy away from His cross, His passion and His death.   We are afraid to open the door to Christ because he would be ready to enter in earnest and settle in our lives, and such divine assistance could prove to be a discomfort.   So, what are we looking for? What do we want? We don’t even demand signs anymore because they are unnecessary when frozen in comfortable stillness. What is most frightening, however, is that we ourselves do not know what we want or what we are looking for. We are like perpetually dissatisfied and spoilt children, like people wandering in the desert without a compass or a map. We are like tourists lost in the forest or in the mountains, who do not know where they are going themselves. We reject both signs, and wisdom, and map, and compass. And this is why we are unable to get anywhere, why our apparent successes ultimately turn out to be failures, our gains … losses, and our lives mediocre vegetation. But is this how it should be? Isn’t it worth trusting both signs and wisdom after all?  But isn’t it worth returning to the signposts once abandoned and finding the lost path?   As long as you are alive, all is not yet lost. Refocus just a little bit on your life … look for the signs and let yourself be guided by wisdom and you will find the right path to a full life.